C-Cure 9000 – Perfect For Event Management


When people discuss security systems, they usually think of home and business security set-ups. Very few people think of the security requirements at events; but software called C-Cure 9000 SiteServer provides all you need to run your event securely. C-Cure 9000 SiteServer is a web based security and event management suite with its own embedded operating system.

Events come in all shapes, sizes and forms and actually small events do not really need sophisticated security set-ups – but big ones do.

The Challenges Of Events Management

When people go to events they only see the end result of hundreds of hours of preparation. They don’t realize the many challenges that the organizers have gone through to prepare the site and make sure everything works as it should. This online article should provide an idea how complex planning for event security can be.

In the preparation stages alone there are a slew of workers and technicians who need to be given access to specific areas and at specific dates and times. When they are through their access privileges need to be revoked. There may be event participants who will need access at certain time prior to, during and perhaps even a little time after the event finishes. Demobilization crews need to be allowed to do their stuff upon completion of the event. And the most important thing is that the event should be able to proceed as per original schedule, unless anything changes.

C-Cure 9000 Solutions

C-Cure 9000 offers the following solutions for efficient and secure event management:

Access Control: ID and badge issuance for authorized personnel can be controlled through C-Cure 9000. ID’s and badges which have not been used can be automatically be disabled or delisted based on pre-determined criteria. Controlling includes the tracking of badges, some of which are temporary in nature, as they are used at entry and exit points. One key feature allows door monitoring for up to 14 inputs which may relate to lock release, fire alarm and many others. User names and passwords for network access are validated through email for greater security.

Even access to elevators, vehicle access, and parking slots may be controlled using the same system.

Intrusion detection: There is a Guard Tour capability which allows security people to patrol set location within a specified time frame, by event or through email notification. Intrusion sensors, surveillance video cameras are centrally controlled. Remote Access: If you want to check on site security you can do so from anywhere in the world through a computer with internet connection. You can change views, modify and filter data, and tweak other settings remotely through just a single screen. If you don’t have a connected computer you may also access C-Cure 9000 through a smart phone app called C-Cure Go.

Central Management: The entire system covering ID’s, intrusion detection, access control, fire alarms, surveillance video cameras, elevators, parking, etc. are controlled through a multi-dimensional single point event management control panel. This makes it easy to incorporate last minute changes in personnel availability and schedules into the system.

These features of C-Cure 9000 make security and event management easy.

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