Large Format Touch Screen – The Larger Picture

large format touch screen

The large format touch screen is getting more common. Where we used to see mostly small smart device and computer monitors we are now exposed to more useful and larger screens. The large format touch screen is finally emerging as a favored business tool, especially when used to encourage interaction with clients.

So why is it only recently that business finally makes use of the advantages of large touch screens? The answer to that question may lie with technological advancements and cost. The touch screens we now see, no matter the size, are much more useful than the ones that first came out. It makes them powerful tools that allow users to bigger images, and business to see the big picture. Even now organizations such as the Computer and Communications Industry Association continue to be on the lookout for new technology.

Old touch screens were able to track only a single touch at a time, while the latest ones can sense and track multiple touches and gestures. On the surface that may not seem such a big deal but being able to use multiple touches and gestures to manipulate content is a giant leap when measured in terms of immersive experience; it is that kind of experience which encourages interaction.

Why is encouraging interaction so important? Let us consider the uses of large touch screens:

In-house collaboration among employees of a business when used as a video wall or as a multi touch table: They make great presentation aids and allow participants an equal voice in discussions, which is essential to true collaboration.

When used for instructional purposes in a classroom setting: It is not only small children who are more responsive to physical instruction than staid classroom lectures, all of us are. Large multi touch monitors allow student-teacher interaction at a higher level than through the use of whiteboards – the students don’t even to stand up to give their inputs.

When used in advertising: When installed as indoor video walls they provide a very attractive way to generate client interest. The same can be said when they are installed in outdoor pathways with large foot traffic – they get the message across without being too obtrusive. In these two applications, bigger is usually better, so long as the whole area of the touch screen remains accessible to the user.

When used in real estate sales: You can have the buyers, builders and real estate agents interacting through large touch screens. What is better is that all the information on the screen can be instantly updated remotely; maintaining current info on prices and special offers has never been easier.

As powerful tools in trade shows: Large touch screens make attractive platforms for the most important products or service information you want your clients to view. And when they ask for help you have the beginnings of a sale. What made large multi touch screens more attractive, is a significant price drop also as a result of technological advances. So now we all see the bigger picture; and it is a beautiful one especially for the future of big touch screens.

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