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Types of Computer Repair Technicians and How to Choose One

Computers are an absolute necessity in the modern world, and statistics suggest that every 2 out of 3 households in the U.S alone have a computer or similar device. Not surprisingly, this has led to a significant increase in computer repair edmonton demand. But here is what bugs me about the industry – there is no actual certification process. Anyone can set up a website or hang out a post that reads “Computer Repair” and – La fin! You are officially a computer repair guy. Unlike accountants, lawyers, doctors, and basically any other decent industry, computer repair is not governed by anyone, which creates a wide disparity of quality from one computer repair person to the next. Generally, computer repair companies can be grouped into three


Category one: the “quickie” techs

The “quickie” techs are usually (but not always) located inside large stores. They are mostly salespeople who’ve been trained to tackle a couple rudimentary technical tasks, such as “formatting” a machine (wiping out all the software, including the O.S), and reinstalling it from scratch. If they are competent enough, they will remember to back up your data beforehand, although there are horror stories reported where this step is skipped and critical data, photos, and files are lost forever.


  • It is easy – doesn’t require an expensive, highly skilled technician. As such, in theory, you actually cut back on your costs.
  • It is predictable – it involves one method that’s basically guaranteed to solve all software-based problems, including data corruption, spyware, and virus.

The quandary is that someone (usually the client) has to reinstall all their previous applications and hope the technician was sure to back up their data properly. Getting things back to normal also tends to waste way too much time. But with its ease and predictability, it is understandable why most large department stores prefer taking this direction.

Category two: The “stumblers”

These are the types of computer repair technicians with some level of IT experience, but not enough to market themselves as pros. Stumblers have a huge market in the industry, mostly because half of what computer repair entails is relatively easy and usually the same: scan for virus, discard what you find, restart, test, and move on. These guys are more like advanced computer users, with extensive knowledge on some parts of the computer, and some gaps in others. For instance, they could be very handy with software, but no so much with hardware. Or they may be comfortable with servers, but not very familiar with networks.

They are called stumblers because they tend to stumble through most of their computer repair situations, before they eventually get a satisfactory result. They may take eight hours to accomplish a 2-hour job, or take on a complicated work around simply because they did not understand a certain aspect of the server.

Category three: The Professionals

The last group is a rare breed commonly referred to as the Professionals. This is the type of computer repair services in which computer troubleshooters and a relatively small class of other providers fall into.

How can you determine if you are working with a Professional computer repair service provider?

  • Professionals are punctual
  • Professionals solve the problem the first time after troubleshooting, most of the time
  • They have a team of IT specialists on hand to deal with every possible problem as ideally as
  • Apart from fixing problems, professionals suggest new technological ways to enhance your business.
  • Professionals take proactive measures to prevent other issues from ensuing. This includes using a cost effective monitoring service to keep an eye on impending computer repair problems such as missing security updates, virus infections, hard drive errors, and overheating.

Bottom line

If your business is not using a professional computer repair service provider, then perhaps it’s time to change. Certain professionals may offer all the repair and maintenance services, while others choose to concentrate on one field. The key is to consult thoroughly before hiring. In the modern competitive business environment, you’ll need all the help at your disposal!